New Advanced Environ DF ll Machine Facials

Environ pioneered the use of Low Frequency Sonophoresis and pulsed field Iontophoresis in one treatment.

This facial gives you optimum results for your skin concerns, such as anti-ageing, scarring and pigmentation.

Iontophoresis: Involves the use of a specifically pulsed electrical current to facilitate greater penetration of water-soluble vitamins and other active molecules into the skin.


Environ’s DF ll Machine offers the ultimate results-driven treatments to target all skin concerns:

– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Scarring
– Pigmentation
– Sun damage
– Thin, lax skin
– Premature ageing
– Acne and congested skin
– Stretch Marks
– Cellulite

Environ is leading the way with the most advanced skincare and offers the most effective facial treatments available in the world today.

Sonophoresis: Creates cavitation ot achieve 4,000 times penetration of active molecules and peptides into the depths of the skin to achieve these phenomenal results.

Treatments are specifically tailor-made for YOUR skin.

At Exquisite Beauty, we will schedule you for a course of treatments, once or twice per week for optimum results.

Contact us to book a treatment using the New Advanced Environ DF ll, or call us on (02) 9908 7654 

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