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Exquisite Beauty wants to ensure that you are looked after during this period of isolation where we are unable to offer beauty treatments. Our products cannot be sold online, but can be purchased from the salon, or posted to you.

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Glyco 200ml                             $59

Glyco 100ml                             $33

Cleansing milk for all skin types

Preparing Lotions

Fibro 200ml                              $59

Fibro 100ml                              $33

Preparing lotion for all skin types

Weekly Deep cleansing

Marine Cleansing Gel 200ml     $64

Marine cleansing Gel 100ml      $34

Cleanses & exfoliates

Ger-Peel 125ml                         $143

Gentle peeling

Nourishing hydrating

Synchro 50ml                           $163

Synchro 30ml                           $118

Synchro 2000 50ml                   $163

Cells regenerative cream for all skins

Cell repairing soothing hydrating

Nuclea 30ml                             $162

Repairing anti-ageing cream

Cytobi 30ml                              $214

Super nutritive cream for reactive skins

Cells-Life 15ml                          $204

Hydrating and revitalising serum

Concentrate – energising

Flower Acid Lotion 20ml           $104

Gentle biological peeling

Marine Day Cream 30ml                       $97

Make-up base for mature skins

GG Cream 30ml                                    $73

Perfecting & illuminating make-up base cream

Basic & specific mask

Argini 50ml                                           $73

Purifying & soothing mask

Immuno 50ml                                       $111

Tissue regenerating mask

Hydra-Ger 50ml                                    $123

Hydrating cream mask

Marine Mask 30ml                               $112

Energising marine mask


Travel Pack                                           $138

Glyco 50ml, Fibro 50ml Synchro 30ml

Les Parfaits – Powerful Anti-aging Range

Repairing Serum 17ml                          $189

Rejuvenating cellular repairer

Crème Jeunesse 50ml                           $499

Detoxifying protective repairing day cream

Crème Anti-Temps 50ml                       $377

Rejuvenating desensitising night cream


Skin Clair Nutritive 50ml                       $152

Lightening cream

Skin Clair Concentrate 25ml                  $182

Lightening concentrate

Eye contour – anti ageing

Eye Contour Gel 25ml               $127

Restore elasticity and hydration

Eye Mask 30ml                         $86

Reduce dark circles and puffiness


Vasco 30ml                               $102

Decongestive cream

Ger-Oxy 40 ml                          $91

Oxygenating & hydrating cream

Purifying –oily or acne skins

Octo 30ml                                $78

Blackhead & millium cream

Mixed & Oily Skins 50ml           $127

Mixed-Oily Skins 30ml              $103

Pimples & acneic skin cream

Tensor & Lifting – firming

Myo/Myoso 30ml                     $98

Skin muscle tensor cream

Marine Ger-Lift 30ml                $153

Lifting & anti-wrinkle cream

Life Cream 40ml                       $97

Eyes, Lip & Neck lifting cream

Protective day make-up base

Tropo 50ml                               $115

Make-up base for oily skins

Tropo Plus 40ml                       $86

Make-up base for dry skins

Symbiose 40ml                         $91

Nutritive day cream for mature skins SPF 10

Men Just for him

Hydra men 50ml                                   $125

Nutritive & revitalising cream

Lift Men 50ml                                       $141

Nutritive & Firming cream

After Shave Balm 50ml                         $83

Soothing & refreshing after shave


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